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Other Lecture Topics

Saving a Life: Your Family’s Health History

A recent drug advertisement talks about how health problems can be caused not only by the environment, but also through heredity.  For many years, health professionals have known that many common health problems run in families.  The more you know about your family health history, the more you can do to reduce your risk of serious illness.  As genealogists and family historians we routinely collect information about our ancestors and the causes of their deaths but putting the information together in a documented health history can not only assist your physician, but may save your life.   Passing this information to your children or other family members may also provide them with life saving information.

Jumping the Pond: Finding the Origins of Your  Immigrant Ancestor

Before you flyaway to your ancestor’s county of origin, you will need to do your homework.  Whatever the nationality of your immigrant ancestor, to effectively search you must begin at home.  The most important piece of information is the town or parish where your ancestor was born.  If you don’t know that information you must dig through records at home to harvest as much information as possible.  This lecture will look at the types of records available in the United States that might help you identify a town of origin in the native country.

iPad® for the Genealogist

Tired of carting the laptop from library to courthouse to conference? The iPad is light, portable and besides allowing you to handle your email, Internet chores, and share photographs, it has great applications for genealogy. Whether taking notes, photographing a gravestone (and adding GPS coordinates), checking your genealogical database, converting a picture of a printed page (through OCR) to an editable word processing document, the iPad is up to the challenge. It’s also a great ebook reader whether you purchase your books through Apple, Barnes & Noble, Amazon or Borders. And don’t forget to check for online books and PDFs which can also be read on your iPad. Evidence Explained is much easier to carry around on your iPad!

There's an App for That

It’s amazing how far technology has brought us as genealogists.  It’s been a catalyst to bring millions of people into the field of genealogy.  In an article in September of 2012 from Bloomberg Businessweek, genealogy ranks second as the most searched topic on the Internet.  Today, small devices such as the iPhone and iPad, as well as their various competitors are more powerful and connected than the computers we used ten years ago.

Printed vs. Online Publishing for Societies

Traditionally, the cost of publishing for many societies has been out of reach.  Even when society members have taken on a project, the cost of publishing the final book, including making the minimum print run has resulted in an inability to price the product at an acceptable level.  What society doesn’t have stored in someone’s garage boxes of a publication that hasn’t sold!  Today, print-on-demand, as well as services like LuLu and CreateSpace which handle all the details make it a worthwhile time to look again at publishing local records.

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