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Lakewood Ranch Genealogy Club

   The Lakewood Ranch Genealogy Club meets on the first Monday of the month from November through April at the Lakewood Ranch Town Hall.  Meetings begin at 7 p.m. and all are welcome.    For additional information please contact Nancy Johnson with inquiries.  Please write "LWR Genealogy" in the subject line).

   Our next meeting will be on March 2nd with be on DNA.  As Traditional Genealogists, we are looking for relationships between individuals by searching through documents, records, and books, carefully sifting through the family lore and local histories. As time has passed, so have many of the records. We find that the most reliable records are those created during or shortly after the lifetime of our ancestors, simply because that information was likely given by the subject themselves. And we all pray that we won’t run into too many creative story tellers!  Click here for more information.

Ms. Callanan is currently an author and lecturer on Genetic Genealogy, focusing on the latest DNA testing techniques for discovering cousins.  She is a genealogy enthusiast with over 35 years’ experience in the craft and now focuses on DNA and genetic genealogy for finding cousins and solving brick wall and black hole problems. 

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