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Sharing Your Tree on a Personal Website

   If you have a personal website, or are considering one, your family tree can reside on your site.  While this takes a bit more technical knowledge than the previous solutions, it is not that difficult.   I spent most of my working career at tech companies, first Xerox, then Apple, but I was in sales.  I have a fairly good understanding of technology (the systems engineers who worked for me used to say I knew enough to be dangerous <g>) but I'm also into simplicity.  I'm a WYSIWYG (WhatYou See Is What You Get) person and don't confuse me with HTML.   My original website was done in iWeb, which had an elegant interface…adding text was just like using any word processor, and graphics were drag and drop.  Themes were designed by professionals so it was just a matter of selecting one that fit my needs.  When Apple decided to do away with iWeb I had no idea what I would do.  What I found, was that other companies had copied the simplicity of the interface and I had multiple choices.  I decided to migrate my site development to Sandvox.  Although it was a bit different, once I understood the differences, it was just as easy to use.  If you are a PC person, you also have multiple solutions to choose from (see some options listed below).  

   Another consideration you need to make is where to host your site.  There are many different hosting sites, and you should probably begin by checking with you ISP (Internet Service Provider) to see if they provide you with space.  If not, you can choose from any number of providers.  I host my site at GoDaddy.  If you decide you want to purchase a domain name (mine is your hosting service can help you with this.  

   Most of the genealogy databases have some way to make your data "web ready."  In my case, I use Reunion and their solution is to create web cards.  You can select your entire file, or just certain people, decide what fields you want visible, add sources and pictures and the sofware creates the cards and an index, with the correct links and places them in a folder.  I then upload the folder to my hosting site and link it to the appropriate page.  

   Here's how I chose to do it.  I created two separate files in Reunion…one for my husband's family (Moughty:Daly) and one for my family (Mitchell:Beighton).  Both are linked to the "About Me" page. 



Dreamweaver (Mac/PC)

Realmac RapidWeaver (Mac)

Sandvox (Mac)

Visual Site Designer 7.0 (PC)

WebPlus x6 (PC)  

WebStudio 5 (PC)

Weebly (Web based)

WYSIWYG Web Builder (PC)  




Network Solutions

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