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Titanic Exhibit

   Arrived at Dublin Airport about 8:30 this morning, breezed through immigration (almost everyone on the flight was returning EU) and caught the 9:40 express bus to Belfast.  The bus had free wi-fi access which allowed me to catch up on some email.  I was in Belfast by 11:30 and the bus drop off was just 2 blocks from my hotel, Jury's Inn.  I hate to admit it, but I think my age is catching up with me.  In the past I would have jumped right into my research, but today, I decided to take a short one hour nap…which turned into three hours.

   I've researched in Belfast in the past, including at the new Public Records Office (PRONI) in the Titanic Quarter the past two years.  However, I've come up from Dublin on the train for the day and been dropped off by a cab.  I checked at the hotel desk and they indicated that it was about a half hour walk, so I decided to walk over, just to check it out and to get some exercise.  It's a bit farther than 30 minutes (or maybe I just walk slowly…it's the age thing again) but it was a pleasant walk without dragging or carrying a brief case.  Just behind PRONI is the Titanic Exhibit.  It was too late for me to take a tour, but I walked around the building.  In the back are the two side by side slipways where Titanic and her sister ship, the Olympic were built.  I'm not sure I'll get to do the tour over the next few days while I'm here, but it's definitely on my list…my great great uncle worked in the shipyards in Belfast.  I don't know if he worked on the Titanic, but he was working here at the time.  

   Tomorrow I'll be at PRONI all day.

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