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Options for Researching in Ireland

   Are you ready to research in Ireland?  You may have followed my blogs in October on my research trip to Ireland and thought about taking the trip.  (BTW, registration is open for the 2019 trip

All I want for Christmas...

   All I want for Christmas is the name of my 3rd great grandmother!  I’m sure you have something similar on your holiday list!  For those of us researching Irish, the Christmas miracle would be the discovery of copies of some of the records that were lost in the 1922 fire, but unfortunately that probably won’t happen!

Family Health History

   Are you aware that (US) Thanksgiving is Family Health History Day?  Beginning in 2004, the Surgeon General declared Thanksgiving Day to be a day where families not only gather, but talk about the importance of knowing your health history to ensure a longer and healthier future.  …

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