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Holiday Giving

Calendar 2015

   All I want for Christmas is the name of my 3rd great grandmother!  I’m sure you have something similar on your holiday list!  For those of us researching Irish, the Christmas miracle would be the discovery of copies of some of the records that were lost in the 1922 fire, but unfortunately that probably won’t happen!

Thanksgiving is Family Health History Day

Medical Pedigree (color)
Karen 1


   Since 2004, Thanksgiving Day has been declared Family Health History Day by the Surgeon General.  I’ve been writing about this every year since I began my blog in 2007, because I feel strongly that this is one of the most important parts of our genealogical research, and one that can help our families.  …

Making Sense of Your Matches on Ancestry

   I’m going to use Ancestry for this example, since it has the largest database.  The process, however, will work with other testing companies as well.  As I mentioned earlier, I wasn’t sure why I should test, and once I did, how to make sense of all of my matches.  …

DNA - Where Do I Test? Part 2

    Last week I answered a question about Y-DNA and mtDNA testing.  Most people today are testing using autosomal (at)DNA. Here you have more options.  Rather than make a recommendation, I’ll pass on my experience and point you to an

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