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Strategies for Starting Your Irish Research

    I’ve had quite a few emails this past week from people just starting their Irish research and trying to figure out where to begin.  I thought I’d repeat a blog I wrote back in 2011 with some updated information.  

The Famine

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  A question that is frequently on my mind is why did our ancestors survive the famine?   I asked that question many years ago to a relative who had taken us to visit the home where my husband’s grandmother was born in Monaghan and his answer…they grew oats and they had a cow.   …

Thanksgiving is Family Health History Day

Moughty Medical Pedigree

   Since 2004, the Surgeon General of the US has declared Thanksgiving Day to be Family Health History Day.  It’s a day when many family members gather together…what better day for you, as a genealogist, to share what you know about your families health history.  …

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