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DNA - Where do I test? (Part I)

   I’ve had some questions this week about where to test.  Way back in February when I wrote about Creating a Research Plan I emphasized the importance of starting with a question. It’s no different with DNA.

Combine DNA with Cluster Research

1840-9-6 Mughty, John [Bernard] and Mary Glennon Marriage
Moughty, Milltown Cemetery, Moyvore, Westmeath, Ireland

Moughty Gravestone at Moyvore Church, Westmeath Ireland

   Last week I wrote about using DNA to make a connection where written records don’t exist.    DNA by itself is only one tool in your toolbox.  You need to combine it with other records.  …

Breaking a Brick Wall with DNA

Jack and Pat Moughty

   Before I launch into this new topic, I want to remind my readers, especially those of you who may have found this blog later in the year, that my focus this year has been Strategies for Researching your Irish Ancestors

Researching in Ireland Outside of Dublin and Belfast

Leitrim County Library

   For the past two weeks, I’ve discussed researching in the major repositories in Dublin and Belfast.  Although there is much to be found there, you should also plan to travel to the area where your ancestors lived.  …

Researching in Ireland - Belfast

IMG 5364

The Titanic Museum

   It’s that time of year when I'm usually getting ready to leave for Ireland.  Unfortunately this year that wasn’t in the cards.  Having had foot surgery in July, I’m still not walking.  …

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