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Back To Our Past and Final Dinner

   Today was the last day of the research trip and a few hearty souls squeezed their last few hours out at the National Library which was opened until 12:45.  Today was also the second day of the

Last Full Day of Research

   Well, it's day 9 for me, and day 5 of research for the group.  Today people were researching at the Library, Archives, Valulation Office and GRO.  For everyplace but the Library, it's the last day to gather those documents and find those ancestors that are hiding.

Registry of Deeds

   Today most of the group continued their work at the various repositories that best fit their needs, including the National Library, National Archives, Valuation Office and the General Register Office.  …

Valuation Office - Dublin

    Today, about half the group worked at the Valuation Office with the assistance of Helen Kelly.  After Griffith's Valuation was completed, updated valuations were done on regular intervals noting any changes that had taken place since the previous valuation.  …

National Archives

   After a group breakfast and short presentation on the material at the National Archives, our group split up today…half headed for the Archives, the other half back to the Library to continue their research.  

The National Library

   Today was the first research day and it began at the National Library with an orientation by one of the staff.  Unlike most U.S. libraries, the National Library is a closed stack library and material must be ordered.  …

Dublin Walking Tour

   Today was the official start of the research trip and everyone arrived safe and sound.  A few of us attended church this morning at Christ Church Cathedral (Church of Ireland) where they have a superb choir.   …

Day 3 - Dublin

   The research trip begins tomorrow, but some of the participants arrived today (always a good idea to give yourself a day to acclimate to the time change).  Some of those who arrived early stopped by the Library to get the Reader's Tickets while waiting for their rooms, then crashed for a few hours.   …

Dublin - Day 2

    Most of yesterday and today was spent in meetings preparing for next week  The participants in the research trip will begin arriving tomorrow with the rest in on Sunday.  I had a meeting at the National Archives this morning and hit the GRO for my five certificates.  …

Back in Dublin


   I spent yesterday in Tampa (rain delayed flight) and New York (fog delayed flight) on my way back to Dublin for our 2012 Research Trip.  The rest of the group is getting in on Saturday and Sunday.  …

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