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Oiche Samhain

   Happy Halloween!  This pagan festival in Ireland marked the end of summer and beginning of winter (the dark season) and was celebrated the night of October 31 through November 1.  It was believed that at midnight the path between this world and the next was opened and the spirits were free to roam the earth.  …

New York Emigrant Savings Bank

   The Emigrant Savings Bank was established in 1850 by members of the Irish Emigrant Society.  It is still in operation and is the oldest bank in New York City, and the largest privately held bank in the country.   …

2012 Dublin Research Trip

   Plans are moving along for the 2012 Research Trip to Dublin from the 7th - 12th of October of 2012.  This will be an opportunity for researchers to visit the major Dublin repositories, as well as receive assistance from Dublin based professional genealogists.  

Update on Irish Records at

Ancestry CC

   I'm back and as you can imagine, I'm still trying to catch up!  We had a great cruise on Celebrity and my genealogy lectures were well attended.  The feedback was good, so I hope some of you are now following my blog.  …

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