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Unpuzzling Ireland's Church Records - Part III

    In 1560 Church of Ireland became the State Church of Ireland and all other denominations were “Dissenters” and therefore subject to various forms of discrimination and persecution.  The disestablishment of the Church of Ireland did not occur until 1869.

Unpuzzling Ireland's Church Records - Part II

 I’m writing this a little early this week, as I’m leaving tomorrow morning on a cruise where I’ll be giving four genealogy lectures (hard work but someone has to do it )<g>.

   As I mentioned last week, it’s very important to understand that religion in Ireland was a political issue as well as a spiritual one.  …

Unpuzzling Ireland's Church Records

   If they exist, Church records may be the only record our Irish ancestors left prior to civil registration in 1864.  Finding and accessing them, however,  sometimes presents a challenge. 

Who is the Head of this Household?

   After Vital Records, one of the most common resources used by genealogists is census records.  In the United States, our Constitution specifies that a nationwide enumeration or count of the population be done every 10 years.  …

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