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Are You Ready to Research In Ireland?

     I’ve spent this year taking you through a strategy for researching your Irish ancestors which I hope has been helpful to you.  So are you ready to continue your research by visiting Ireland?  …


1935 Moughty, Mary Obituary
Daly, Peter Obituary Stamford Advocate 5 Sep 1944

Peter Daly born in County Mayo, Ireland (from the Stamford Advocate, Connecticut)

   Newspapers are always a wonderful source of family information.  My biggest problem is stopping to read all the interesting articles!  I remember, back in the 1990s visiting Fayette County, Pennsylvania and spending a full day at the Carnegie Library, reading the local paper on one of the oldest microfilm machines I’ve ever seen.  …

Wills and Administrations after 1858

Beginning in 1858, the responsibility for matters of probate was transferred from the ecclesiastical or church courts to the civil courts.  The Principal Registry was set up in Dublin with eleven other district registries set up around the country. …

Wills and Administrations prior to 1858

    In US research we use probate records extensively.  They can help identify the married names of daughters, family land holdings and separate families of the same name.   Like most Irish records, this is a sad story…most of the original wills were lost in the 1922 fire. 

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