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Are You Writing?

   If you’re preparing for a research trip, or if you’ve decided to tackle that brick wall ancestor, my suggestion to you is write!  We research and collect data and add it to our online tree or database, but then what do we do with it? …

Organizing My Research

There is lots of talk about organizing over the past few months.  Drew Smith has written an excellent book Organize Your Genealogy: Strategies and Solutions for Every Researcher. (You can find this in my

Prepping for Ireland

   Each year as I get ready for my trip to Ireland, I give some thought to one family I would like to research.  I usually don’t get much time to work on my own research, as I’m working with the participants.  …

Did Your Irish Spend Time in Great Britain?


   I hope so!  I’ve always been jealous of those with all their ancestry in England and Scotland (I actually have a line there) for all the wonderful records.  But the fact is, that many Irish spent time in Great Britain, and if your lucky, your ancestors might show up in a census or vital record there.  …

It's My 9th Blogiversary!

   I can’t believe that I’ve been blogging for nine years!   My first blog appeared on 30 July 2007 titled “How I Got Here” and on most Monday evenings I’m in my office attempting to write something people will find interesting.  …

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