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FGS Conference - Birmingham, AL

    Greetings from rainy, windy Florida.  I'm definitely not complaining because we dodged a bullet with Isaac passing a few hundred miles to the west of us.  It's been a busy week working on reports from my trip to Ireland, as well as consultations for the people going on the

Irish Newspapers

    Dwight Radford posted a blog this week on Irish Newspaper Databases.  One of the databases he mentions is Irish Newspaper Archives.  This is a bit pricey…an annual subscription is €350 ($430), however they do have a 24 or 48 hour subscription for €10 - €15.  …

Access to GRO Records in Ireland


   I've written numerous times about the issues surrounding the General Register Office in Dublin and obtaining copies of birth, death and marriage certificates.  Here's my latest rant from my trip last month.  …

1940 Census is Searchable

     Congratulations to FamilySearch and the 1940 Census Consortium that completed the indexing of the 1940 census in just 124 days.  You can search here (for free), however, there are a few states that still are being arbitrated and will be posted shortly (including Connecticut where my family lived).  …

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