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A Tragic Anniversary

   It was in June of 1922 that the huge loss of Irish historical records occurred.  How did this come to happen?   The agreements that ended the Irish War of Independence were not universally accepted.  …

Magazines and Newsletters for Irish Research

   Magazines and newsletters are a great way to pick up information that can help with your Irish research.  Newsletters might come from societies you join such as the Irish Genealogical Research Society

Using Maps

   I’ve written a few times about using maps in your research.  One of the resources I use constantly is Brian Mitchell’s A New Genealogical Atlas of Ireland.  This provides a list of all of the (civil) parishes within the county.  

Using Church Records in Irish Research

   This morning in my email, I had an update from Ancestry on “How to use religion records in family history” with a link to a downloadable guide.  

Ancestry also added a 5-Minute Find on Searching and Using Baptismal Records

Five-Minute Finds

5 minute find

   Do you have just five minutes?  If so, take a look at the Five Minute Finds.  This series of videos, which can be found at the Ancestry Learning Center (no subscription necessary) takes you through a short presentation on some aspect of your genealogy research.  …

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