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Using Civil War Records to Identify a Locality in Ireland

   Did your ancestor emigrate at the time of the famine or shortly thereafter?  Did he serve in the military during the civil war?  Even if he didn’t there might be records that could help pinpoint an area in Ireland where he lived.  


   GENUKI is an abbreviation for Genealogy UK and Ireland and is a free site that provides links to the counties in Ireland.  I repeat, as I so often do, the most important piece of information for success in researching in Ireland is locality!  …

Ulster Historical Foundation

   If you are researching ancestors in Northern Ireland (or in some of the border counties) you should look into membership at the Ulster Historical Foundation at AncestryIreland.  Perhaps you’ve had the opportunity to attend one of their seminars across the US during their annual lecture tour.  …

Emigrant Saving Bank Records

   The Emigrant Savings Bank was established in 1850 by members of the Irish Emigrant Society.  It is still in operation and is the oldest bank in New York City, and the largest privately held bank in the country.   …

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