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Church of Ireland


Parish Church of Rossinver - Leitrim

     In 1560 the Church of Ireland became the State Church of Ireland and all other denominations were “dissenters” and therefore subject to various forms of discrimination and persecution.  …

Religion in Ireland - A Historical Perspective


   As I mentioned last week, it’s important to understand that religion in Ireland is a political issue as well as a spiritual one.  Therefore a brief look at the history of Ireland may help you understand their church records.

Unpuzzling Irish Church Records

Church records for Annahilt
Steeple of St. Nicholas (Green)

St. Nicholas Church in Dundalk (Church of Ireland).  This church is also known as the “green church” because of the color of its copper steeple.  My great grandfather, James Sprague was a stonemason and worked on this church.

   Once you have worked through Irish Civil Registra-tion and arrived at the period prior to 1864, you’ll want to begin working through church records.  If they exist, church records may be the only record our Irish ancestors left.  …

Other Civil Registration Indexes

   Last week I focused on the and their indexes and online images.  The images might not be there because:

   • It’s a marriage before 1882

   • It’s a death before 1891

   • It’s a birth after 1915

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