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Irish Genealogy: Other Irish Church Records

Quaker Meeting House - Monkstown  

Statistics from the 1861 census tell us that 77.6% of the population of Ireland were members of the Roman Catholic church, 11.9% were Church of Ireland, and 9% were Presbyterian.  …

Irish Genealogy: Presbyterian Records in Ireland

Transcript of the records of the 1st Boardmills Presbyterian Church,
County Down, dating to 1782. 

Based upon the 1861 census of Ireland, about 9% of the population was Presbyterian, mainly centered in the northern counties (where 26% were Presbyterian).   …

Irish Genealogy: Church of Ireland Records

Availability of Church of Ireland Records in Youghal in Cork
Grenham’s Irish Surnames (CD)

The Anglican church became the Established or State Church in Ireland under the reign of Elizabeth I in 1560, assuming the property and structure of the Catholic church.  …

Irish Genealogy: Roman Catholic Church Records in Ireland

I’m a little late posting this as I’m on my way to Massachusetts to speak at the New England Regional Genealogical Conference.  I’m hoping the snow is all gone <g>

Prior to the start of civil registration in Ireland in 1864, one of the only sources of family information is church records. …

Irish Genealogy: The 1926 Census of Ireland

Good News!  In an article published in the Irish Times yesterday, the Irish Minister for Heritage, Jimmy Deenihan said that the government intends to push for the release of the 1926 census this year.  …

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