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Irish Genealogy: The Tithe Applotment

The Tithe was a tax on some agricultural land (one tenth of the produce) paid to support the Church of Ireland (Anglican) by occupiers of one acre or more.Some agricultural lands were exempted from the tax, so the list is not comprehensive.As you can imagine, this was not a popular tax among the Roman Catholic or even Presbyterian tenant farmers.The Tithe Composition Act in 1823, required that the tax, formerly paid “in kind” was required in cash.This required a survey or applotment, to determine the value of the land, and was conducted between 1823 and 1837.…

Irish Genealogy: The Revision Books

Last week I discussed Griffith’s Valuation.  From the end of Griffith’s Valuation (1864) until the mid to latter part of the 20th century, annual valuations of the land were conducted, and the changes were marked in books referred to as the Revision Books.  …

Irish Genealogy: Griffith's Valuation

The lack of census records for the 19th century has us grasping at any record that might tell us about our ancestors.  Frequently referred to as a “census substitute,” Griffith’s Valuation is a tax list, not a census.  …

Irish Census Records

1901 Census of Ireland
Bernard Moughty Family

The history of the Irish census is a sad one. Census records in Ireland began in 1821 however the oldest surviving complete census is 1901. So what happened?

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