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Virtual Institute for Genealogical Research

   If you haven’t checked out this site yet, take a look.   Genealogy research is a lifelong pursuit, and one that requires us to constantly learn and upgrade our skills.  I’ve written before about the various Institutes that happen across the country:  

RootsTech/FGS Roundup

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   I got home Sunday morning after taking a 1 am red-eye from  Salt Lake City to Atlanta, connecting with a flight back into Sarasota.  I have to admit I took a nap yesterday afternoon.   …

Researching Your English Ancestors

   Now I’ve really confused you since my focus is Irish research.  But yes, I do have one English line that emigrated twice, in the late 1880s, then went back to England for a few years and returned in the early 1890s.  …

8 am - 5pm at the Family History Library

    Yes, other than a half hour at noon when I went out for a walk, I spent the entire day on floor B2 (British Isles) of the Family History Library.  I came away with six pages of transcriptions of baptisms, burials and marriages in the Parish Church of Ticknall (Church of England) between 1813 and 1878.  …

SLC Here I Come!

    This time next week, I’ll be in Salt Lake City.  I set aside two days for research prior to the FGS/RootsTech Conferences.   It’s always great when conferences are scheduled in places like Salt Lake or Ft. …

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