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State Land States

    There are two different surveying systems that have been used in the United States.  We refer to them as “metes and bounds,” which is used in State Land States, and the “rectangular survey” which is used in Federal Land or Public Domain States.  

Breaking Through a Brick Wall with Land Records

    You may have noticed that I missed last week.  It some-times happens <g>.  My trip home from Salt Lake City left me with a terrible case of bronchitis and I've just gotten behind.

   Prior to the 20th century, most Americans owned land...remember the availability of land was one of the reasons our ancestors emigrated.  …


   Last week's RootsTech Conference was a great success...the attendance was over 4200 up 35% from last year's conference.  The purpose of the conference is to bring together developers and users to find solutions to challenges we have today in our research.  …

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