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Conference Season

   It’s that time of year again…it’s conference season.  A few years ago, Dick Eastman did a study that revealed that 63% of the respondents had never attended a conference.  Wow, are they missing out!  …

Organizing Your Digital Files

genealogy-file med

   Thanks to those who provided feedback on last week’s blog.  The case study format seemed to work for many of you, so perhaps I’ll try to do something similar once a month.  Now back to organizing!

Squeezing all the information from a source

   Since the beginning of the year, I’ve talked about reorganizing my office, and my file system.   So far, my resolution to work on my own family and to organize, scan and file all of the papers I found during my “clean out” is working.  …


pedigree chart blank med

   My blog is a bit late this week as I just returned from a short cruise vacation…four days of doing nothing but relaxing and reading (and of course eating). If you are like me (and many other genealogists based on the blogs I’ve read) you may have made a resolution for 2018 to become more organized.  …

Happy New Year - 2018

   Happy New Year to all.  I’ve been reading blogs for the past few days that have focused on evaluating last year’s resolutions and looking forward to resolutions for 2018.  Well, I didn’t publicly make any resolutions last year.  …

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