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Researching in Salt Lake City

       I've been in Salt Lake City since last Wednesday.  This week is typically a “winter retreat” week for professional genealogists so there are plenty of  friends here with whom to share that wonderful find.  …

Who Do You Think You Are?

    I'm a little late this week as I'm off to Salt Lake City for a week of research...Yeah! 

    It's that time of year again...February 3rd is the first episode of Season 3 of Who Do You Think You Are?

Creating a Strong Foundation for Your Research

   Whenever you build something it’s important to have a strong foundation.  Building your family tree is no different...a weak foundation can cause your tree to collapse.  Whether you are just starting or trying to fix some earlier problems (we all have them) focusing on the basics can help get back on track.

Online Sources for Irish Research

   On 5 January in the Derry Journal, Brian Mitchell, genealogist for the Derry Genealogy Centre and author of numerous books on Irish Genealogy listed the four best free websites for Irish research.  …

Happy New Year


   It's time once again for the New Year's Resolutions.  Last year I didn't make any because looking back over the previous years, I hadn't been very successful at completing them.  Last week's survey from the NEHGS newsletter asked for a response to the following:

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