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Military Records - A Case Study

Drafted Men

   Did your ancestor fight in the Civil War?  It is estimated that over 144,000 Irish Americans fought on both sides of this War and information about their origins in Ireland may be in their pension file.  

Using US Records to Find the Place of Origin


   We all know that US Census records only give the birthplace of our Irish ancestors as Ireland…or do they?  Sometimes you might get lucky and get the name of the county.   I came across this record for Abraham Crater in the 1870 census in Pennsylvania with the place of birth as Donegaul [sic], Ireland. 

Irish Ancestors - Where to Start

   At the end of 2015, I wrote a blog on Strategies for Starting Your Irish Research.  In it I talked about what records are available in Ireland, but if you’re just starting, your research needs to begin at home.  …

Genealogical Proof Standard

   There are a lot of analogies that can be used in genealogy and one that I’ve always liked is that research is like a jigsaw puzzle.  You collect all of these pieces and you need to fit them together to make a picture, in this case, a picture of your ancestor.  …

Happy New Year - 2016

Alden Chart Final

   As always, I get so overloaded in December, that my blog takes a back seat.  Between choral commitments and traveling north for the holiday, I can’t seem to get everything done.  I looked back at my January 2015 blog to see if I had set up any New Year Resolutions and l didn’t!  …

Strategies for Starting Your Irish Research

    I’ve had quite a few emails this past week from people just starting their Irish research and trying to figure out where to begin.  I thought I’d repeat a blog I wrote back in 2011 with some updated information.  

The Famine

2012-06-30 20.39.28

  A question that is frequently on my mind is why did our ancestors survive the famine?   I asked that question many years ago to a relative who had taken us to visit the home where my husband’s grandmother was born in Monaghan and his answer…they grew oats and they had a cow.   …

Thanksgiving is Family Health History Day

Moughty Medical Pedigree

   Since 2004, the Surgeon General of the US has declared Thanksgiving Day to be Family Health History Day.  It’s a day when many family members gather together…what better day for you, as a genealogist, to share what you know about your families health history.  …

Last Day in Ireland

reunion tree

   It’s been a great two weeks, but it’s time to go home.   I spent my final day at the National Archives working through six Wills/Administrations (they never did order the last two) and some estate records. …

Dublin Research

   Dublin is a great walking city!  All of the main repositories are within walking distance of Buswell’s Hotel (which is across the street from the National Library).   My first stop was at the

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