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Welcome to my site and blog.   My focus will be on methodology, technology, the Internet, Mac computers and Irish research.  Drop me a note on general topics of interest.  If you enjoy reading a blog, let me know by "liking" it and sharing it with you friends.   This year’s focus is on websites for Irish research.  You can now receive an email to let you know when a new blog is posted so you don’t miss anything.  Just click the link on the right, and fill in your email address.  

Check out the blogs covering the 2014 Belfast and Dublin Research Trips from October.  It's not too early to begin planning for 2016.   Complete the registration form and send your deposit to reserve a place.

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What will future genealogists find?

   I’m just back from a 5400 mile trek that included two wedding celebrations for my daughter.  The celebrations were wonderful and as unique as my daughter and her husband.  Before I left, I wrote about my dilemma of a

Which Date is Correct?

   You’ve probably noticed that I have been writing very regularly for the past few months.  I’ve been busy catching up on projects for clients, as well as trying to update some of my own research.  …

Irish Roman Catholic Parish Registers online July 8th

   On April 29th, the National Library of Ireland announced that the digitized Roman Catholic Parish registers will go online on July 8th.  Mark your calendars and let’s hope we don’t crash the site that day!

New England Regional Genealogical Conference

   Just finishing up my packing for NERGC.  With a 6 am flight tomorrow morning, I need to get a jump on this.  I’m really looking forward to seeing all of my New England friends since I don’t get back there as often as I like (and when I do, it’s usually to visit my girls).

Do You Have Former Ancestors?

   You know…those people you’ve been researching for years, only to discover they’re in the wrong family!  I use this line quite often in my lectures and it usually gets a laugh.  We've probably all have that problem.   …

Autosomal DNA

   I am excited now!  I just spent the last two weekends at the Virtual institute of Genealogical Research class (Finally!) Understanding Autosomal DNA.  And, I think I do, or at least a lot more than I understood it before.  …

Irish Church Records

   Prior to the start of civil registration in Ireland in 1864, one of the only sources of family information is church records. The vast majority of the population of Ireland has always been Roman Catholic, however because of religious persecution, the records of the Catholic church begin late, usually around 1820.  …

Griffith’s Primary Valuation

   I began a series on Strategies for Finding Your Irish Ancestors this past Saturday for the Virtual Institute of Genealogical Research.  The morning session was on strategies for finding a locality in Ireland, and the afternoon session was on using Griffith’s Valuation.  …

Virtual Institute for Genealogical Research

   If you haven’t checked out this site yet, take a look.   Genealogy research is a lifelong pursuit, and one that requires us to constantly learn and upgrade our skills.  I’ve written before about the various Institutes that happen across the country:  

RootsTech/FGS Roundup

IMG 2259

   I got home Sunday morning after taking a 1 am red-eye from  Salt Lake City to Atlanta, connecting with a flight back into Sarasota.  I have to admit I took a nap yesterday afternoon.   …

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