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Welcome to my site and blog.   My focus will be on methodology, technology, the Internet, Mac computers and Irish research.  Drop me a note on general topics of interest.  If you enjoy reading a blog, let me know by "liking" it and sharing it with you friends.   This year’s focus is on websites for Irish research.  You can now receive an email to let you know when a new blog is posted so you don’t miss anything.  Just click the link on the right, and fill in your email address.  

Check out the blogs covering the 2012 Dublin Research Trip and 2013 Dublin Research Trip.  The link takes you to Day 1, just click on previous to move through the blogs.  The 2014 Dublin Research Trip is scheduled for the 12 - 19th of October.  It's not too early to begin planning.  I had a number of requests for a Belfast trip so I’ve planned for five days in Belfast prior to the Dublin Trip.  Complete the registration form and send your deposit to reserve a place.

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Day 15 - Research, Research, Research

Registry of Deeds Dublin

   For my Dublin group, we’re down to the last few days of research.  Everyone has been introduced to the various repositories, so Thursday and Friday are basically independent research at whatever locations make sense.   …

Day 14 - Valuation Office

Working at the Valuation Office

   Hard to believe I’ve been here two weeks already.  Today the group visited the Valuation Office, one of my favorite places to research.  As long as you have found someone in your family in Griffith’s, this provides an opportunity to follow the property through to, in some cases, the 1970s.  …

Day 13 - National Archives of Ireland

   According to their website, the mission of the  National Archives of Ireland is:

To secure the preservation of records relating to Ireland which warrant preservation as archives

To ensure that appropriate arrangements are made for public access to archives

Day 12 - The National Library of Ireland

   After a good Irish breakfast the group was off to the National Library (just across the street) for a 9:30 orientation to the Library and the Genealogy Advisory Service.  By 11:00 most everyone had gotten their Reader’s Cards, internet access, and had begun their research.  …

Day 10 and 11 - Belfast to Dublin

      The research week in Belfast came to an end on Friday night and we had a final dinner at St. George’s Market.  Saturday morning was the train to Dublin to prepare for the Dublin group, arriving primarily on Sunday.  …

Day 9 - Guest Blog from Jean Humeniuk

Bannon House in Upper Fathom

  Donna and I went to the Registry of Deeds where I was able to obtain copies of the memorials (the transcript of the deed that was copied into the register) for the 1813 lease, the 1930 purchase, and the 1951 sale.  …

Day 8 - Registry of Deeds in Belfast

   Today is going to be a short blog, because one of the researchers is going to write a bit about her experience today at the Registry of Deeds in Belfast, part of the Land and Property Services department.  …

Days 6 and 7 - PRONI

   Is there enough to keep everyone busy at PRONI?  Yes, so far!  In fact tonight the security guard had to remind me it was time to leave.  It was one of those times when 15 minutes before closing I found some key information and didn’t want to leave.

Day 5 - PRONI

   Today was the first day of research at PRONI.  We arrived just before 9:15 so Ann and Jean could obtain their Reader’s Cards and put our belongings into a locker. We then met Desmond who provided an orientation to the facility.  …

Days 3 & 4 - Belfast

   I decided to combine the weekend days as I spent the time on my own, sightseeing and working on my own research.  As many times as I’ve been to Belfast, I’ve always been focused on research.  …

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