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Welcome to my site and blog.   My focus will be on methodology, technology, the Internet, Mac computers and Irish research.  Drop me a note on general topics of interest.  If you enjoy reading a blog, let me know by “liking” it and sharing it with you friends.   In 2017 I plan to repeat (and add to) a series I wrote in 2011 on Strategies for Irish research.  Some of the methodology remains the same, but lots has happened since 2011. We now have civil registration online at, images of Roman Catholic baptisms and marriages at the National Library, and the townland valuations at the National Archives.    FindMyPast has brought on a tremendous number of databases covering all of Ireland and in a joint project with Ancestry, created an index of the National Library Roman Catholic images.  

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Interested in researching in Ireland?  Follow my blog from October 3-23, 2016 to find out about the trip this past year.  Unfortunately, because of foot surgery in July, I won’t be taking a group in 2017, but the dates for 2018 are Oct 7-13 in Belfast and October 14-20 in Dublin.  It’s not too early to start planning.  

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Squeezing all the information from a source

   Since the beginning of the year, I’ve talked about reorganizing my office, and my file system.   So far, my resolution to work on my own family and to organize, scan and file all of the papers I found during my “clean out” is working.  …


pedigree chart blank med

   My blog is a bit late this week as I just returned from a short cruise vacation…four days of doing nothing but relaxing and reading (and of course eating). If you are like me (and many other genealogists based on the blogs I’ve read) you may have made a resolution for 2018 to become more organized.  …

Happy New Year - 2018

   Happy New Year to all.  I’ve been reading blogs for the past few days that have focused on evaluating last year’s resolutions and looking forward to resolutions for 2018.  Well, I didn’t publicly make any resolutions last year.  …

Irish Quick Reference Guide #3 is Here!


   Looking for a last minute stocking stuffer or maybe a gift for yourself?  Guide #3 in the Irish Quick Reference Guide series, Land, Tax and Estate Records in Ireland is here.  

  Had the Irish census records for the 19th century survived, Griffith’s Valuation, a tax list, would not be one of the most important resources for Irish researchers. …

2017 in Review - Part 2


   During the second half of 2017 I tried to look at records that might not be as familiar to Irish researchers.  

   Prior to 1858 Wills and Administrations were handled by the ecclesiastical courts.  …

2017 in Review

Year In Review

   We are coming to the end of the year and I though a review might be in order.  I’ve had a lot of new followers over the past few months, and they may not have gone back to check out the earlier blogs.  …

Holiday Giving

Calendar 2015

   All I want for Christmas is the name of my 3rd great grandmother!  I’m sure you have something similar on your holiday list!  For those of us researching Irish, the Christmas miracle would be the discovery of copies of some of the records that were lost in the 1922 fire, but unfortunately that probably won’t happen!

Thanksgiving is Family Health History Day

Medical Pedigree (color)
Karen 1


   Since 2004, Thanksgiving Day has been declared Family Health History Day by the Surgeon General.  I’ve been writing about this every year since I began my blog in 2007, because I feel strongly that this is one of the most important parts of our genealogical research, and one that can help our families.  …

Making Sense of Your Matches on Ancestry

   I’m going to use Ancestry for this example, since it has the largest database.  The process, however, will work with other testing companies as well.  As I mentioned earlier, I wasn’t sure why I should test, and once I did, how to make sense of all of my matches.  …

DNA - Where Do I Test? Part 2

    Last week I answered a question about Y-DNA and mtDNA testing.  Most people today are testing using autosomal (at)DNA. Here you have more options.  Rather than make a recommendation, I’ll pass on my experience and point you to an

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